Re: Suggestions for tracing Hungarian Shoah survivors? #hungary #holocaust

John Kovacs

Dear Wendy, 
here are some comments that may or may not be helpful to your letter.  You probably know that Panyola is a village in Szabolcs Szatmar -Bergen County with a population of 606 in 2015 per Microsoft Bing. and since Ilona and Iren in 1944 were relatively young and were able to work, but the parents may have not been to at the time that's the reason you don't find them together.  
It's possible that after the war they went back to their hometown.  If they did go back to their hometown, then a synagogue may have kept records of people who returned say in a large city like Nyiregyhaza. I mention this because in the city of Miskolc, that is not too far from Nyiregyhaza, did kept such records. Maybe these remarks could help you.  Wish you the best. 
John J. Kovacs

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