Re: What happened to Cilke and Selda Faikes/passenger manifest #general

Diane Jacobs

First thing to do is check the actual 1910 manifest page and see if there is a check or X
to the left of their name. This means they are on a detained manifest page and / or special inquiry pages. These are located at the end or the beginning of the regular manifest pages for each arrival after about 1905 to NYC.

The special inquiry page can tell you they were kept for medical reasons or sent back.

Regarding the word crippled it could be for a minor limp to something more serious.

Good luck . 
Diane Jacobs

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Hi All
I am trying to find two women who are listed as siblings on  ship passenger manifest.  All three  siblings  came from Brest  Belarus. They  left in November  of 1910 and was going to their  uncle  Simon  Frankel  in Philadelphia.  They  left  behind  other siblings and parents Chaim and Leja.  The youngest sister listed on the manifest is Sure/Sonia and  she married a Fleischer and settled in New York.  I don't know what happened to the other two.  Seeking  help and  suggestions.  Could they have been sent  back  for one sister  is  listed as crippled. 
Sarah Greenberg (USA  CT)

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

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