Searching for Riuva/Rivka/Sonia Levine or Levine #russia #belarus


Hello, I'm trying to find my great-grandmother who was born in Minsk in 1894 or 1895. 

I'm not even sure she was Jewish, but every time I've searched her name it led me to JewishGen (we had always assumed she was Protestant as she left my grandfather in a Protestant orphanage in the 1930s in Northern Ireland when he was 6 years old and he never really spoke about her). She also married a Protestant man in Northern Ireland and there was never any indication at all that she might have been Jewish.

On my grandfather's birth certificate in 1928 she wrote that her name was Riuva Levine (my grandfather was called Stark but we're not sure if she was ever actually married to his father). 

When she died in Omagh in Northern Ireland in 1958 the name they put on her headstone was Sonia (she apparently began calling herself Sonia after she arrived in the UK) and it said she was born in Goumin, Minsk, Russia, on June 6, 1894. Apparently "Goumin" is Ihumen in Yiddish?

Who she was or why or when she left Belarus (and why she left my grandfather in an orphanage) is all a bit of a mystery to my family so appreciate any help or tips that might point me in the right direction. 
AC Calvert

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