Surname Burgess (anglicized) / Burgeois (gallicized), original name Burgo #sephardic #latinamerica #names

Vi Burgo

I’m tracing a surname in my family and need help with the origins. When anglicized it’s “Burgess” and other variations. When gallicized it’s “Burgeois” and other variations. I traced this name and found Burgo with variations. Burgess and Burgo have the same meaning: from the city. This is why I believe it's the original name or an older version of the name. Does anyone have these surnames or can tell me more information? 

According to this book, "DICIONÁRIO SEFARADI de SOBRENOMES Inclusive Cristãos-novos, Conversos, Marranos, Italianos, Berbères e sua Historia na Espanha, Portugal e Itália", Burgo comes from Smyrna. I tried finding information on Sephardis in Smyrna before the Spanish exiling and I’m not finding much information. Please share with me what you know, thanks! 

Vi Burgo
Seeking geographical origins of Burgess (anglicized) / Burgeois (gallicized), original name "Burgo"

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