Re: Seeking Friedman Descendants #usa


Hello  Yael                                                       29th June 2022

I am a nee Friedman  ( daughter of Mor/Moishe Friedman)
and researching my Friedman Family--descendants--of Herman Friedman--USA
and descendant of my Friedman family --prior to arriving to the USA? 

I would like to add--that my Friedman Family--are 'Yisroel'

I am also researching my Husband's mother's Friedman family
Izsak/Yitchok Friedman--OZD---Hungary--(Paloc  Beregszasz-- etc.) --before the War
Many descendants resides in the USA  and   Israel,
Some remains in Eastern Europe

I would like to add-that my Mother-in Laws Friedman Family are Kohanim

You mention -secular names--Arthur; Herbert; Irving:
I wonder what was their Jewish name?

Where are they buried? 
 To my knowledge--their father's name are often on the Matzevah
Which is a significant--pathway.

Best wishes
Veronika Pachtinger
London --UK

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