Re: Searching for Riuva/Rivka/Sonia Levine or Levine #russia #belarus


She wasn't buried in a Jewish cemetery. She married a Protestant man before her death in 1958 and was buried with him in Omagh in Northern Ireland. I haven't been able to find any birth certificate, death certificate or marriage certificate for her. All I have is a photo of her headstone, my grandfather's birth certificate and some undated photos of her.

The headstone also says she was born in Goumin in Minsk. Someone from Belarus told me this could be because she was saying Humen (Yiddish for Ihumen - as it was known at the time) and was misunderstood by English speakers. 

I found a Rivka Levin who was born on the same day as her (June 6) in 1895 on but I don't know if this was her. I'm guessing her name was more likely Rivka or Rifka but the English person wrote her name as "Riuva" because she couldn't understand her accent. 
AC Calvert

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