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There is an interesting graduate student thesis on a similar topic - how Ashkenazi names were Americanized - that includes a statistical analysis of immigration records (for the Yiddish name) and censuses and city directories for the American name.  It is very dense, and I haven't read it all.  You can find it yourself at:
From Rochel to Rose and Mendel to Max: First Name Americanization Patterns Among Twentieth-Century Jewish Immigrants to the United States (

I have the same question as Robert about names in Austria Hungary.  The given names Herman and Jacob and David appear frequently in the SPIELBERGER family.  But I cannot tell if it is one Spielberger family or several families that took the same surname.  Some of the families "daughtered out" so the DNA is inconclusive.

If anyone knows of an article about "Most Common Given Names" in the 19th Century, please share it!

Peggy Mosinger Freedman
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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