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Sherri Bobish


I assume you are looking at this on-line scan of the marriage cert?

Looking at his mom's maiden (with a magnifying glass), to me it looks something like KOSOWITZ.  Even when names are easier to read on vital records I have seen names written with much more variation from the actual name.

Benjamin's 1922 marriage cert does not give mom's name.  Gives father as Samuel.

Another document that should have his mom's maiden name (although not 100% guaranteed) is Joseph's original SS5 (Social Security application.)  Joseph would have filled this out in the mid-1930's.  Some are transcribed on-line in this Ancestry database:
U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index

I don't see Joseph's name, but you can try searching the database yourself.  You can also request his SS5 (it is not free), instructions here:

You can also search for the SS5 of Benjamin.

On Joseph's WW11 card he lists his brother Benjamin at 623 Avenue S in Brooklyn. 
On the 1940 census Benjamin is at 619 Avenue S.
Benjamin COOK, born about 1894.  
wife - Sarah, born about 1900.
Seymour, born NY, about 1926.
Melvin, born NY, about 1930.

Benjamin's WW11 card gives his name as Benjamin KUCK, address 623 Avenue S, born Melnick (probably a mispelling of Chmielnik.)

Joseph's nat papers give his birthplace as Keltz (Kielce.)

Chmielnik, Sobkow & Kielce are all very close.  I'm sure there was a lot of back & forth between these towns.

I see that Joseph and Benjamin served in The U.S. military.  You might try obtaining their service records.  I do not know if parents names will be there, but you never know what clues you may find.

Death certificates should have mom's maiden name, but remember that is second hand information.

Good luck in your search,

Sherri Bobish

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