Identification of Altonshonbach, Bavaria(?), Germany #germany

Adam Cherson


I am researching  a distant cousin, Samuel Brown (aka Braun) HaCohen who immigrated to the US circa 1846 from somewhere in Germany. I have only two pieces of evidence providing any detail on where in Germany he came from: 1) there is an 1870 US Census record showing his birthplace as "Bavaria, Germany", and 2) there is fact posted to Samuel's profile stating that his 'Residence' (no year given) was "Altonshonbach, Germany"; this was posted by a family genealogist who is now deceased and there is no source given for the Residence fact (NB: as shown on the attached, the Residence fact was added on the same day as information about Samuel's father "Kulman Braun", and mother, "Keyle or Kehla Reiss", so I presume the Residence fact was connected to the same source as the parent's names, which is also not cited). Samuel Brown's grave is known and has been photographed but there is no Hebrew writing on the grave and no information in English regarding his parents or birthplace on the monument.

The question I am posing is: does anyone know of an Altonshonbach in Bavaria, Germany? If so, could you please provide some frame of reference so I may find it on a map?

Thanks for your attention and help.

Adam Cherson
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