Mildred/Milly/Millie: Equivalent Names #lodz #names

Marilyn Robinson

What would the Hebrew or Yiddish equivalent of Mildred/Milly/Millie be? I am searching for an older sister of my maternal grandmother. Gittel/Gus LEVINE/MICHALOWICZ.
According to Ancestry, Mildred was born in about 1880 and immigrated to the US in about 1888. I found my grandmother, her other siblings, and mother immigrating to the US in 1891 ( from port of Hamburg; arriving Aug 1891) under the last name of "MICHALOWICZ" the father's patronym ), but Mildred ( or other name) was not among them. Neither was her father, Zalman/Solomon. The family also used the name LEVINE & LURIE (or a version of it). The family was from Lodz/ Tomaszow Mazwiecki.

Marilyn Robinson

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