Resource listing Jews worldwide who converted to Christianity over extended time period #general


Just stumbled on this e-book  which may be a good resource for those seeking information on relatives who converted to Christianity. He attempts to cover conversions of Jews from ancient times through the 20th century, both Sephardic and Ashkenazi.  Most Jewishgen readers will have little interest in the author’s theological ramblings and may be offended by his premise of creating this list to promote future conversions, but he does catalogue a wide variety of ordinary and everyday conversions, not just the elite or infamous ones, and the information may still be useful..

CAUTION: while he attempts to catalogue in alphabetical order, sometimes this is done through first names, other times surnames (sometimes  original other times acquired), and occasionally by title, event ot location. The best way to use this resource is likely via your own search function on your device, entering relatives by surname or other identifier e.g. unusual occupation, town etc. It’s a VERY long document and his sourcing isn’t great, but the info is eclectic and has a ring of truth to it. And in my case, the relative matches I found were also accurate. Perhaps it will provide you with some leads…

For a quick flavour, here are two shorter sample listings: 

FALK, Max, Hungarian statesman and journalist, born at Budapest in 1828, became a Christian as a student at the University. He displayed great talent as a writer and politician. In 1866 he was appointed as instructor of Hungarian to the Empress Elizabeth. The next year he became editor-in-chief to the "Pester Lloyd," raising that paper to a high level of excellence. In 1869 he was elected a member of the Hungarian House of Representatives. The Emperor of Austria decorated him with the Komthur Cross of the Order of St. Stephen.

HALBMILLION, Jacob, a convert of the L.J.S. at Jerusalem, was afterwards house-father of the Wanderers' Home in London, under Dr. Stern, and then one of the first missionaries of the Mildmay Mission, zealously
labouring in London and then in North Africa. He died in Morocco in 1888.
-- and please do note that I am not sharing this to promote evangelical conversions of any sort or faith in any way, but simply for possible genealogical value, 
Jan Lastman, Toronto ON CANADA  janllb@...
Researching: LASTMAN/N HOLLAND=>Lublin early 1700s; mid-1800s=>POLAND: Łódź, Radom, Warsaw, Szydlowiec, Ostrowiec; GERMANY: Leipzig, Breslau. Married KLAJMAN, KAUFMAN, LEDERMAN, KAC, CUKIER, MANDELSBERG (to DAVIDSON), STROSBERG, WAJCHANDLER, KUTNER/KUTCHINSKY=> Toronto, Philadelphia, Rio de Janeiro pre/post WWI. Survivors=> France, Israel, Australia, Sweden, USA
Also researching: SINGER/ZYNGIER POLAND: Janow Poldaski=>Toronto, ?Columbus OH? pre WW1 married SCHAFER/SHAFIR UKRAINE: Linitz/Illinits=>Toronto, Detroit, NYC 
See also: Rapoport-Quint Tree

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