Date of death for Fannie Shlanger Newman #usa #records


Hi all -

I have been trying, in vain, to locate the date of death and subsequent death certificate or headstone for my great-great grandmother, Fannie Shlanger Newman.

Fannie was born in Radt, Hungary in ~1864. She married Max Meir Newman (b. ~1891 in Radt, d. 1915 in NJ) in 1881. She came to the US in 1893 and they settled in Newark, New Jersey, Altogether, they had 11 children.

The last place she appears, record-wise, is in a 1941 city directory in Newark, New Jersey. She is listed on the 1940 census as living with her adult daughter, Pearl Newman, at 272 Hawthorne Ave in Newark, New Jersey.

I have never been able to find any death information, which would be immensely helpful, as I know very little conclusively about her parents. I'm assuming she died between 1941 and 1950. Can any sleuths help me find it?

Thank you so much!

Tracy Grigoriades

Wayne, PA

Researching: Greenberg (Pasvitinys, Lithuania), Slevitz (Subate, Lithuania), Adler (Wytkor, Galicia), Friedlander (Skadvile, Russia), Blinder (Pocotilova, Kiev, Ukraine), Savitt (Grodno, Belarus), Newman (Zemplen, Hungary), Weissman (Kamenetz, Ukraine)

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