Re: Shtetel Searching for Gribnetz, Belarus - Birth Place of Uncle #belarus

Hap Ponedel


Here is Grebnets from a Russian military map dated 1925. It is not necessarily the date that the original image was created but probably received updates that year, possibly the blue coloring to represent the wet areas. Belarus is often swampy. 

I have placed a green arrow pointing to Grebnets, which is also marked with the number 37, indicating the number dwellings present when the original mapping survey was taken by the Russian military. The original survey probably happened closer to 1900 or even the 1890's. Again, blue areas are indicative of swamps and otherwise this area was wooded as indicated by all the little circles. 
Here is a link to the image which can be downloaded from my website:
You should be able to right-click the image and save it to your computer. You will also see Cherven at the upper rt. corner of the image in all caps: ЧЕРВЕНЬ
Grebnets is best described as a village and not a shtetl, as it is very small. There is no discernible infrastructure and no central marketplace, a defining feature of shtetls. What is characteristic of villages is the arrangement of buildings on either side of ONE road. There is a cemetery located just to the north of the village. These maps often indicate whether a cemetery is Jewish but here that information is lacking.

Please email me for more interpretation of the map if you care.

Hap Ponedel
Eugene, OR

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