Re: Stamps on Postcard sent from Gross-Rosen camp #holocaust

C.W. Kirschbaum

I read the stamp on the right as "Schömberg Schlesien" and the date as 24.3.43,
as others pointed out, that is today's Chełmsko Śląskie in Poland.
The stamp on the left with the big "Z" at the center (dictatorial regimes seem to like that letter) reads "Johannes Figge, Schömberg" and "Z.A.Lager".
The Z.A. Lager = Zwangsarbeitslager in German means forced labor camp.
The German Federal Archives' indexing system, confirms the existence of a business with the name Johannes Figge in Schömberg between 1936 and 1944.
The business operated a facility for the extraction of plant fibres from flax (Flachsröste).

The forced labor camp in Schömberg was a "Zwangsarbeitslager für Juden", a slave labor camp for Jews with murderous living and conditions that put it closer to being a death camp than a forced labor camp.
source: German Federal Archives,
You can run the German text through deepl. com or any AI translator.  You'll find a lot of (unsettling) information in there.

The second Wikipeadia entry another respondent mentioned does refer to a different place, the "KZ Schömberg" in Southwestern Germany.
KZs and Zwangsarbeitslager all over the place between 1933 and 1945, wherever you choose to look.
Claudia Witte-Kirschbaum
KIRSCHBAUM (Parysow, Rozan, Lodz, Nizhniy Novgorod); BORNSTEIN (Parysow, Rozan, Lodz); DUMTSCHIN (Mogilev, Nizhniy Novgorod)
LANDAU (Brzesko); FRISCH, EINHORN (Bochnia), STRUMPFNER (Krakow)

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