Re: New Jewish DNA From 14th Century Erfurt #sephardic #dna #germany

Adam Cherson

A couple of updates:

1) I've seen reported that some (or maybe all) of the Erfurt samples are available for (free) matching here:
You should be able to upload your raw data on this site and see which of the Erfurt samples you match most closely.

2) after several weeks of study and discussion, I've revised the charts posted here earlier: the latest analysis shows the Erfurt samples are from the same Ashkenazic population of Jewish migrants to N. Europe, from Byzantine Italy (primarily the wide area around Benevento in the south, and north of Rome in the center), with varying trace amounts of non-Jewish genes associated with ancient Yamnaya and Sarmation-Hunnic migrations into Europe, carried by subsequent European populations (Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Lombards, etc,). who brought these Yamnaya and Sarmation-Hunnic genes into Italian areas, where Roman and Byzantine Jews were residing prior to the Ashkenazic migrations northward.!AuwT-4qnkJLBnVu3UA7YAT6ndXmi?e=Ra7vz6

Adam Cherson

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