New brick wall related to: reconciling documents with different maiden names for my maternal gg grandmother #romania

Susan stone

Rebecca Miller   vs Rivke Kasten...

Well..I'm sure you know that Rivke is Yiddish for Rebecca.  so only the last name is different.  

My grandmother used "Bloom " on  several documents but her maiden name was Golubovsky and that was on others.  Later I found she visited a famly in NJ , her relatives, 
my dad was in the photo as a boy, with the last name Bloom.  I am still trying to find out how we are related...You don't take a train from Chicago to NJ in 1928 with your  young son if they are not important.   A few weeks ago I found a relative of someone in the family and we still don't know  how they are are related.  My grandmother had NO RELATIVES IN THIS COUNTRY AT ALL.  They must have been related but how?  Brick wall.  Anyone who thinks they can help, please reply.
susan stone
Evanston, IL

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