Re: New Jewish DNA From 14th Century Erfurt #sephardic #dna #germany

Adam Cherson

To Those Studying the Erfurt Data:

I did some modeling this evening which may be of interest on the topic of Khazar and Avar inputs into Erfurt.

I'm not sure what to make of these results because they suggest an Avar input into both the Erfurt1 (Middle Eastern) and Erfurt2 (European) groups; and the Venosa samples show a possible Avar gene flow into the Benevento area (in samples also showing Yamnaya input), at a time when the Longobards were there (and possibly when there were also Jews in that region as well).

Here are all the Erfurt samples available as G25 profiles admixed to representative Avar, Khazar (proxies), Yamnaya, and Modern Sephardic samples (I also included two S. Italian samples from circa 710 CE):

And here are the source populations showing their primary references:

If these images don't appear well, here are the files:!AuwT-4qnkJLBnleJchVHGMwpU63s?e=ocmvCt

If someone can think of better samples to use as the Khazar representatives, please let me know. These two from Karluk are the closest thing I could find on the G25 Ancient database to something actually identified as Khazar I'd be glad to run this model again using actual Khazar samples, if available..

Good Evening,
Adam Cherson

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