Re: Wrong name for my mother #germany #names

Lee Jaffe

I have to say I'm stunned by this comment suggesting it's "disrespectful" to include the ancestors of a 3rd cousin in my tree.  This seems backwards at the very least.  I worked my way up my tree to my 2x great-grandparents, entered all of their children – my great-grandfather's siblings – and then worked my way back down their trees to identify by grandmother's 1st cousins, and my mother's 2nd cousins and ... voila, my 3rd cousins.  This seems like such a fundamental part of genealogy,  I can't imagine how you could do otherwise.  Am I missing something?

Lee Jaffe
Surnames / Towns:  Jaffe / Suchowola, Poland ; Stein (Sztejnsapir) / Bialystok and Rajgrod ; Roterozen / Rajgrod ; Joroff (Jaroff, Zarov) / Chernigov, Ukraine ; Schwartz (Schwarzstein) / Ternivka, Ukraine ;  Weinblatt / Brooklyn, Perth Amboy, NJ ; Koshkin / Snovsk, Ukraine ; Rappoport / ? ; Braun / Wizajny, Suwalki,  Ludwinowski / Wizajny, Suwalki


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