White Passport for Leib Shrubishky #lithuania #records

Annette Cohen

I’m trying to get a copy of the white passport issued on 15 Dec 1910 to my grandfather, Leib Srubishky, aka Louis Srubiski (and, later, Louis Cohen). 
According to the record in the All Lithuania Revision List Database, the Passport Issuance Record is KRA/I-210/1/645.
I’ve emailed and re-emailed both “lcva” and “Kaunas” @ archyvai.lt, as was suggested to me, but it’s been months, and neither has responded. 
Any other suggestions for finding what I’m after?
Annette Cohen
Researching SrubiskiSchwartzbergTorf in Lithuania and KutlerKorsoverWeinerGoltzzekerTeitelman in Ukraine


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