Seeking Katzenellenbogens #belarus

Deb Katz

I'm looking for living male descendants of a Katzenellenbogen (or any variant) lineage who  traces to Katzenellenbogen in the Minsk region of modern Belarus.  The person DOES NOT need to have the tradition of descent from the Maharam of Prague (via Saul Wahl Katzenellenbogen)---in fact, it would be just as well if they do not have this tradition.  
I'm hoping to find someone as described above who might be willing to take a Y-chromosome DNA test (which I will pay for) as part of a research project on a major YDNA cohanim lineage where there is a significant subgroup of Nelson/Katznelson/Katzenellenbogens.   
To keep this short I've left out a lot of detail...if interested and it seems relevant, please contact me via email below and I can fill you in. 
Thanks so much!
Deb Katz
Pacific Beach CA USA
Genetic Genealogy Maven

aka Debra Katz
Pacific Beach CA USA

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