once more: Giorgio Perlasca #hungary

Ervin Varga <varga@...>

A couple of days ago I received an interesting book about Giorgio
Perlasca.It is the Hungarian translation of Enrico Deaglio : La
banalita del bene-Storia di Giorgio Perlasca (ED: Giangiacomo
Feltrinelli Editore Milano ) -in Hungarian: A jotett egyszerusege,
Osiris Kiado 1997.The book gives a good overview of the political and
social situation in Hungary >from the I WW to and during the II WW, and
a detailed account about the heroism of G.Perlasca. I am unaware about
any English edition.Magda Lapedus surely knows about this book as the
author thanks her among others for the informations given.

Vera Varga

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