Ship manifest for BIRENKRANT #galicia

Penina Weiss

Hello friends
Looking for a ship manifest for Izaac Mayer Birenkrant (1904-1952). He came from Galicia and destination was Buenos Aires Argentina.
His father was Ephraim Birenkrant.
Izaac's wife was Freida Zimmer (1917-2000)
They had two children both born in Buenos Aires
Rosita (1939-2021) who married Luis Sardal
Armando (Avraham) (1943-2017) who married Elsa Nelida Litichiever (1947-2014)
Other Birnkrants came from various places in Galicia... Sanok/Lutowiska/Lesko/Dobromil. 
I don't know where in Galicia 
Izaac came from.
Thank you!
Penina Weiss

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