Re: Obituary collection at the Hungarian National Library #hungary

Herbert Meyers <herbiem@...>

I agree with the Spiro evaluation of the obituaries. I also scanned
through several of the alphabetic folders this past summer. The notices
are formal documents that announced a death or funeral. The vast
majority were for the Budapest region and there were hardly any
announcements relating to Jews. I scanned through about 500 notices and
did not find any involving a Jew. However someone else scanning through
another part of the alphabet found about 2 or 3 ..

The collection is in the National Library in Pest. There was no
difficulty in gaining access to the documents.

Herb Meyers
Boulder, CO

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From: Peter S. Spiro <>

There have been a couple of postings recently about this collection of
800,000 obituaries >from all over Hungary. I had a look at this
collection last summer, and I should point out that people should not
get their hopes up about it.

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