Re: Edward McMahon husband of Rose Bearnstein #records

Brian Kerr

Per my email response for others to know as well in case of a similar situation...

"After looking at that document again, it looks to me like the name on the first page may have been the mistake of the individual filling out the Death Certificate as the Death Certificates themselves are not filled out by the specific family members.

I've seen this on occasion and wasn't corrected because it may not have been an issue later on.

Years ago, there wasn't a standard for corrections besides the basic crossing out & writing beside the mistake.

For example, I have a Birth Certificate for a family member that had a wrong first name and, when the document was needed later on in life, the first name was simply crossed out and written above it.

I would suggest that you go by the spelling of the family members signature, but that's not to state that other documents may have had a misspelled last name from a non family member either. "

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