Re: Consanguinity and stillbirths #general

Sarah L Meyer

Jews not only accept but condone first cousin marriages.  Last week's Parsha  Massei, which concludes the book of numbers ends with the discussion of the 5 daughters of Zelophaphad.  Their father died in the Wilderness and they had no brother.  They asked Moses for his share of inheritance in the land of Israel.  This was granted but male members of the tribe said that the land would pass out of the tribe if they married out of the tribe. during the Jubilee.  The conclusion was they must marry within the tribe.  The conclusion was that they married their father's brother's sons!   So they married their first cousins - and from that day forward Jews have married first cousins.  I have some of this in my family - similar to what others have seen but not a lot.  My mother told me that her father (my Zeidi) wanted me to marry my first cousin.  Fortunately - we did not.  
Sarah L Meyer
Georgetown TX
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