Travelling from Bessarabia to Argentina #bessarabia


I am trying to find some ancestry information via shipping lists.  However, I do not know where to start.  All I know is that my grandfather’s niece and her husband moved from Bessarabia, then Romania (now Moldova) to Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I presume this was some time after World War I or perhaps just before.  I know the name of her husband (Mordechai Vays) but nothing else.


My question is, when leaving Bessarabia to get to Buenos Aires, how would they have travelled, e.g. from which European port?  Would it be from a Spanish port such as Barcelona or Cadiz or could it be from Naples or Marseilles or would they have gone from a location nearer to Bessarabia?


I have inherited a family postcard from my grandfather.  On one side is writing which I have tried to get translated with minimal success regarding family details.  On the other side is a photo of the niece, her husband and their daughter.  This appears to have been taken professionally in Buenos Aires in the 1920s, from the clothing that the family are wearing, plus there is a postmark with the words “Buenos Aires” on it.


Any information about shipping lines that the family might have taken to reach Argentina at that time would be most appreciated. Thank you.



Sandra Wasserman


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