Belarus:Information from a WWI Archival Document #belarus

Marilyn Robinson

Hi All,
I am including a table that I created, based on information found in the Russian State Military Historical Archive, entitled "List of Special Representatives of the Petrograd Jewish Committee for Assistance to Victims of Mogilev, Vitebsk & Minsk Provinces".
There is no additional information other than what I have included in the table. The original document was in Russian.

**note: is not always available on the internet, probably due to the war with Ukraine. Additionally, at least for me, when it had been available, I found it difficult to locate a lot of the information, but it's always worth a try.

Just for additional information for you, there are quite a few lists related to Jews from other areas, besides Belarus:
Ex. Polish & Lithuanian evacuees, military/soldiers, etc.
So, if you can get into the site, "let your fingers do the walking..." & explore--of course, it's all in Russian and sometimes Polish.
Marilyn Robinson

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