Family surname engraved in Hebrew on the BACK of a gravestone? #names

Myron Schreck

I have a question about having the family surname engraved in Hebrew on the BACK of a gravestone.  My grandfather did that with my grandmother’s Matzeivah in Kolbuszowa in 1930.    Of course, the front was all in Hebrew with my grandmother’s religious name:  Esther Malka bat Moshe Yechiel.   But on the back, grandfather had the name “Schreck” engraved in Hebrew:  “Shin Resh Erin Kof”.  Last night I found a Jewishgen record with a photo of the family surname engraved on the back of the Matzeivah.  It was the “Frost” surname in Hebrew — which is a family I recognized and I had found on the Kolbuszowa 1929 Business Directory.  Has anyone else found surnames engraved ON THE BACK of Matzeivot?   Is this a family custom, or regional custom, or what?   
Moscow, Idaho USA
Researching: Bar, Ukraine; for Brodsky, Perel, Leifer; 
And Kolbuszowa, Poland; for Schreck, Weiss, Blau, Gross, Blau, Franzblau, Jochnowicz, Newman, Kira, Leshkowitz, Leibles

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