Re: Family surname engraved in Hebrew on the BACK of a gravestone? #names

Shimy Karni

Hello Myron,
We, In Israel, also write the family name on back of the gravestone, as it helps to find the place of the gravestone when we come every year to the memorial ceremony.
Best Regards,
Shimi Karni, Israel

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I have a question about having the family surname engraved in Hebrew on the BACK of a gravestone.  My grandfather did that with my grandmother’s Matzeivah in Kolbuszowa in 1930.    Of course, the front was all in Hebrew with my grandmother’s religious name:  Esther Malka bat Moshe Yechiel.   But on the back, grandfather had the name “Schreck” engraved in Hebrew:  “Shin Resh Erin Kof”.  Last night I found a Jewishgen record with a photo of the family surname engraved on the back of the Matzeivah.  It was the “Frost” surname in Hebrew — which is a family I recognized and I had found on the Kolbuszowa 1929 Business Directory.  Has anyone else found surnames engraved ON THE BACK of Matzeivot?   Is this a family custom, or regional custom, or what?   
Moscow, Idaho USA
Researching: Bar, Ukraine; for Brodsky, Perel, Leifer; 
And Kolbuszowa, Poland; for Schreck, Weiss, Blau, Gross, Blau, Franzblau, Jochnowicz, Newman, Kira, Leshkowitz, Leibles

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