USHKATZ and Rumanian royal family #romania

Mel Comisarow

I have heard of a USHKATZ relative, who, circa 1900, was a gigilo to the Rumanian royal family. Quoting directly the fellow's nephew who told me about him, "I've seen his picture. He was a very handsome man.".  Don't laugh. I have other relatives, who, in two adjacent generations, married into the Danish royal family. I have even met the Danish princess from the second generation. My interest in the USHKATZ-Rumanian-royals story was just rekindled by a video,,
that I just watched that mentioned that the Rumanian Queen, Marie Alexandra Victoria (1875 -1938) liked to "play around".  Does anyone have any idea on how I could further research this
USHKATZ-Rumanian-royals story? Thanks.
Mel Comisarow

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