Re: Finding birthplace PREDBORICE of great grandfather SIGMUND KOHN in BOHEMIA #austria-czech #records

Hap Ponedel


I like to work with historical maps and have looked for the locations of the three Predborice you mention. If relative position to known Jewish communities and sites is any indicator of likelihood, then I would suggest that the one pictured in the screenshot below is the one. It is located in the county of Mulhausen or Milevsko (Cz). It is pictured on the road between Zahoran and Petrowic below. It is also close to the county line, the dashed-dotted feature.


The two other examples of Predboric(e) are rather remote from Jewish sites. You can visit my live map of the Bohemian-Moravian area here by using the town finder sheet. To take you to the region of the map position I share here use the town finder to locate one of the towns with the blue pin, such as Zahoran or Laschowic. If you are interested in looking at the other positions of Predborice please email me. 

I hope this is helpful.

Hap Ponedel

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