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Bruce Drake

“Weddings in our areas” from the Yizkor book of Mezhirichi (Ukraine) describes the elaborate choreography over the course of a week that leads up to the wedding ceremony.
On Sunday began the foreshpiel (foreplay) at the bride's home her friends were invited to see the dowry trunk ... Monday was the day for the groom's friends for whom there would be all sorts of herring fish and wine, cake and cognac, while recounting memories of bachelorhood … Tuesday was the poor man's day when a meal was served and the bride's father handed out alms and the guests sang and danced till evening ... On Wednesday, the aunts arrived ... On Thursday, more arrivals, this time the out-of-town guests … The "chuppah" (wedding ceremony) was always held on late Friday … The big celebration is held on Saturday night after the Havdalah, the ceremony marking the close of the Sabbath day, when the public is invited to the "wedding" for a celebration brought alive by dancing.

Bruce Drake
Silver Spring, MD

Towns: Wojnilow, Kovel

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