A Polite Request #general

Marilyn Robinson

Hi All,
We use this site in an effort to both learn & to help each other solve genealogy problems, both simple & complex. As a general comment, it would be nice if all readers on this site, when asking for assistance or receiving help, would remember to use the "magic words", please and thank you for receiving help with difficulties or for requesting additional information about something that has been posted. I'm sure that acts of politeness were taught by most  of our parents. Who knows, this tiny extra step, might just lead the responder to your difficulty to go an extra mile, taking/using their own precious, unrewarded time, patience, and/or resources to give you further assistance; lack of common courtesy may bring you nothing---including a lack of any response---"entitlement" does not lead to generosity!
Thank you for "listening",
Marilyn Robinson

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