Re: A Polite Request #general

Barry Clarke

Are you suggesting these "Thank Yous" should be seen by all readers, so we all can know who appreciates information given by others or that  "Thank Yous" be sent privately? I tried posting public "Thank Yous" a couple of times with a snippet more information that I felt might be of value to some readers, but they were not approved for public and I was told to reply to the sender privately.

Barry Clarke, a Brit living in Florida
SZKLARKIEWICZ changed to CLARKE from the Lomza region including Jedwabne and possibly previously in Warsaw
BARNETT supposedly BIENSTOCK OR SIMILAR, from Poland but not known where
NEUMARK changed to NEWMARK from Poznan
LEVINSON changed to BRAHAM from Kalisz
GOODMAN from Poland but not known where
ABRAHAMS from Poland but not known where

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