Re: Looking for information about BRODY #ukraine


Hello Esther.  Shalom.

You might start with the kehila website for Brody.  The website was updated in December of 2021, so hopefully there is Brody descendant who you can contact.

This website contains information on three Brody Jewish cemeteries, including the one that you asked about.

In the U.S., there were landsmanshaft societies for Jewish immigrants, including one or more for Brody.  As our ancestor immigrants assimilated in the U.S. and/or passed away, these societies waned and eventually disappeared.  Their archives are preserved in YIVO in New York City.

Here is a JewishGen screenshot of U.S. cemetery sections that were reserved for Brody landsmanshaft members.  If you go to the main page for Brody in JewishGen and click on the cemetery, you can see which society was responsible for that group of cemetery plots.

Good luck in your search.

Ken Domeshek.  Houston.

researching Damesek, Braverman, Kartusinsky, Sinienski

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