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Robin Middleton


From: Robin Middleton <rmiddleton@...>
Date: Sunday, August 14, 2022 at 2:03 PM
To: "main@..." <main@...>
Subject: Tombstone Translation Please


This is my first post so please forgive (and correct me) if I’ve done it wrong.


The tombstone at the attached link is that of my great grandfather, Meyer Jacobs. I’ve been trying to figure Meyer out for years…. Because I think his name on his tombstone in Hebrew is Jacob Meir (Yaa’kov Meir). Am I correct? If yes, why did Jacob Meir switch his names around and become Meyer Jacobs?


I think his surname might have been Jablonowska, I think his father was Mowszo Jablonowska, and I think he was from around Krasnopol, but the jury continues to be OUT.


I’m looking for any clues from his tombstone that might help with my search. And I am grateful for your translation assistance.


Robin Middleton

Victoria BC Canada

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