Re: Free book with more than 50 testimonies from Jewish survivors from Belgium #holocaust

EA Wurster

What a wonderful book this turned out to be. This is my review posted to Amazon.

Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2022
This book is very sad, yet inspiring due to the survival of the central characters. It clearly describes the detailed research by young author, Reinier Heinsman. The gist of the story is that after 75 years the author pieced together artifacts to enable a group of orphans from Antwerp to reunite in various ways, from all over the world today. The personal recollections of these men and women are included in the book, along with many photographs of the children in large and small groups from that period long ago. We learn of the deaths of their parents, and then of various actions by others that combined to protect the orphans.
Sadly, the author passed away in 2022. Others will no doubt continue to search and preserve the memories of so many innocent victims of war.
Ed Wurster
Voorhees, NJ
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