Re: A Polite Request #general


And then there is another thing to consider....

I'm severely disabled. Typing is difficult for me. I'm also sick and
often quite tired. I've lost all my hobbies, except for two: reading
and genealogy.

A few months ago, I had posted asking for some help. A couple people
had replied, and I wrote them back, thanking them. I then wrote an
email to the list stating I'd received replies and no more were needed.
It never posted.

The next thing I know, I started getting inundated with more replies. I
again sent a message to the list to no avail. I tried to keep up with
the replies, but became overwhelmed with some 20 to 30 emails. I wrote
to the list again, but my message never posted. I just gave up. I
apologize to those who never received a reply from me. And I'm
sincerely sorry you had to waste your time.

There needs to be a way to let the list know that no more replies are
required! Without it, people who reply after the needed information is
acquired are just having their time wasted, and that is certainly not
fair to them. It's also not fair to put a burden on people like me, who
just can't manage so many responses. I really felt bad, but there was
nothing I could do.

Jeri Friedman

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