Re: A Polite Request #general

Shlomo Katz

I would like to suggest a different way of looking at this. Marilyn is correct that saying please and thank you are basic good traits. HOWEVER, bad manners is the recipient's issue, not the giver's issue. True kindness is done as anonymously as possible (not allowed on this forum) and without expectation of recognition--just for the sake of the Mitzvah (good deed). That is a basic Jewish value, and this is, after all, a group about Jewish genealogy.

Another basic Jewish value is judging others favorably. Maybe, like one of the writers on this thread, the recipient is disabled. Maybe...who knows?! Tell yourself whatever story works for you.

Do I always remember to live up to this high standard and never get frustrated by ingratitude? No, but we can try!

Shlomo Katz
Silver Spring MD 

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