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The point Jeri brings up is an important one that has bothered me before. I am not trying to blame the moderators who do a huge service and probably don't get much thanks or recognition, but I do find that sometimes what is and isn't allowed to be posted publicly seems very arbitrary and ultimately counterproductive. 
There have been a handful of times that I have responded to requests for translations but my post was denied and was told to instead respond privately. I think that sets up the poster to be flooded with identical responses since nobody knows if their response is still needed or not like in Jeri's case. It also allows for mistakes to slip into responses and confuse the poster since the public can't see and correct previous responses. 
In my opinion private replies should be reserved for exchanging more sensitive things like contact information or things of that nature. There could also be a method for"closing" a topic, maybe something that could be checked by the poster that would automatically include a text on the thread in the forum thanking all who responded and saying that no further responses are needed, but still allowing later responses since I have seen people return to old threads with relevant input.
Binyamin Kerman
Baltimore MD

SPIELER Lodz, Zloczew, Belchatow

Let me try to clarify on behalf of the moderators. Our job first and foremost is to ensure that all posts follow the JGDG Guidelines. There are only 3 of us reviewing over 10,500 posts per year as well as approving about 1,000 new members a year. 99% of the posts are approved. However, if someone posts just a “thanks” or “appreciate it”, it is felt that a reply like that just fills up members mailboxes and should either be sent back privately or deleted. If a message is “personal”, that is: “I think your great grandmother and my great grandfather were siblings”, we will ask that it be sent back privately. The adage should be: “is this message for all 20,000 members?”We understand that we will never please everyone, but as volunteers we certainly try to do the best that we can. 
Thank you for hopefully understanding 
Phil Goldfarb 
Lead Moderator 

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