Re: How to access a document from the PSA #poland

Mark Halpern

Hello Tammy and other Polish Researchers:

I think when you mention the Polish State Archive (PSA) web site that shows scans or the lack of scans you are referring to, which is the central location of the PSA for scans/images of records and the inventory of records for each branch of the PSA. 

When there are no images, you first need to identify the Archive branch and then go to, click on "Lista" and you have a list of all the PSA branches with their contact information including their email address. Each Archive should have someone who can understand English, but be prepared that the response will likely be in Polish.

I hope you are successful.

Mark Halpern
JRI-Poland Regional Coordinator for Bialystok and Eastern Galicia

On 2022-08-15 2:49 pm, Tammy via wrote:

I did a hashtag search on the Polish State Archives website and found a document that may be of genealogical interest to me. Unfortunately it is not yet scanned. How do I contact the archives to request a copy?
I tried "ordering" a copy after registering on the site, but the only option was to view it in person.
Thank you in advance for pointing me in the appropriate direction.
Tammy Weingarten

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