Re: A Polite Request #general

Selma Sheridan

Politeness is important, - in responses too.  Although most replies are warm and supportive, occasional responses come across as arrogant or even shaming, implying that the requester did not appreciate the work of volunteers, should know that a particular subject was previously discussed, etc.  We are a diverse group, with different levels of genealogy and history knowledge, different abilities and disabilities, different language and computer skills, etc.  Some of us are newbies.  We ask questions for help and guidance, and expect kind respectful answers, - which merit a thank-you of course.  Many thanks for this interesting thread, and thanks to the dedicated volunteers.  
Oswego NY USA
Researching: BAUCHMANN (Potok Zloty), BEUTEL (Skalat), CYNOWER (Budapest), ERLICHMAN (Lodz), FELD (Podhajce, Tarnopol), HERSCHER (Budapest, Lens), LANGER (Tarnopol, Vienna), LEMLER (Krakow, Vienna), OJSERKIS (Podhajce), PULVER (Vienna), RAUCH (Vienna), RITTER (Budapest), SIGAL (Kozova, Vienna), SWARTZ (Vienna)

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