Question about “17th century” photographs #photographs

Paula J. Freedman

I’m wondering if you can help me understand something. 


In researching my Rappaport/Rapoport family on Ancestry, I’ve lately seen a number of family tree records that include portrait photographs purported to be of people who were born (and died) well before photography was invented — some as far back as the 1600s! I attempted to contact the person who I believe originated these records, but he hasn’t responded, as is his right. Still, I’m stumped as to what to make of it, and whether to trust any other part of these records. Any idea what might have been intended here? I’ve considered that the photos could be of descendants of these people, but there’s no information attached to the photos themselves. 


Thanks in advance for your insights. 



Paula J. Freedman
New York, NY

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