Need clarification about a bit of history from a family letter #general


I have a family letter dated January 1878 that includes some interesting genealogy information. But there is part of it that mentions "the Hebrew Israelites" that I don't understand and was hoping someone here could shed some light on. After telling a long and very colorful story about an ancestor named  Adam Koons who was described as a native of Holland and "a revolter in Germany" who "was one of the leaders of the rebellion against Church and State oppressions," the letter writer ends the letter with this: "Your ancestors on your father's side are of German extraction throughout and are more or less related to the Hebrew Israelites (I do not mean the Jews, for they are of Ishmaelite extraction, who were half-blooded Canaanites)." If I am related to the Hebrew Israelites, wouldn't I indeed have Jewish ancestors? Thank you in advance for your help.

Katy Koontz

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