Hungarian Labour Battalions #hungary

Gabriela P. Svatos <gsvatos@...>

For those of you in the Toronto area, the Holocaust Memorial Centre on
Bathurst Street has a two volume listing of:

"Names of Jewish Victims of Hungarian Labour Battalions"

The books can be viewed on site only. Each entry provides a wealth of
information. There are different sections in the book. The info. is
arranged as follows:

1) Family name Mother's Lastname Date of birth Date of death ID #
First name First name Place of birth Last known whereabout

For example:

Stark Weisz 04/11/11 Eltunt 43/02/10 33717
Jeno Regina Kassa Kraszno Polje

2) Mother's maiden name, First name, Son's family name, Son's first name

Vogel Ilona
Guth Istvan

Gabi Svatos

Gabriela Svatos
E-mail: gsvatos@... or gsvatos@...

mod. these books can also be found in the Spertus Museum (Chicago), Weisenthal Museum (Los Angeles), Queens College Library (Holocaust section),the USHMM (D.C.). If you know of a library or institution that should have these books, but doesn't have the appropriate person contact me for purchase information. There are two additonal books in this series: Jewish victims of Hajdu county and Hungarian Jewish Woman deported to Stuthoff Concentration Camp. LS

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