searching for background #hungary


Dear H-siggers;

I am writing a book on the life of my mother and grandmother. My grandparents
name was Adolf and Bertha Preisler. They lived in Sziglaysholyo between
1919-1942 or 45. But my mother and grandmother moved to Nagyvarad in 1930.
My grandmother was also a Kashrut supervisor at a Jewish school in Krossna.
My parents name was Abraham Zeev (Wolf - Willi) and Rosalia Apter. They lived
in Arad >from 1939-50.

If anybody knows anything about them, the Jewish communities in these towns,
the Polish refugees that streamed through it and ended on the Struma, etc. do
contact me directly. I would be ever so grateful.


Judith. My emails are :jklinghoff@aol. com klinghof@...

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