Good and Bad news #records

david perkins

Hi friends:


Last night the good news was I discovered my 2nd great mothers last name on my 2nd great uncles new York city 1908 marriage certificate : “Hashpesh, given name Zissel.  That’s the bad news, such an unusual name.  I recognize the English spelling of the name on the document is likely incorrect. Bubbe Zissel remained in Polnoyye Ukraine.  Probably born around 1850.   Running searches on that surname always generates the more common name “Aspis” supposed derived from Ushpitz, innkeeper. 


Anyone have any thoughts on this last name??   




Regards and many thanks in advance,


David Lloyd Perkins

David L. Perkins
Perkin and Segan (Belarus, Grodno and Slonim)
Paris/Poris and Seigel (Ukraine/Poland, Bilozirka, Kupil)
Schneider Shnayder Greenberg Litwack (Bessarabia/Moldova, Teleneshty) 
Peterfreund Loeffelholtz  Pippersberg Federbush Englander (Galicia Nowy Sacz Krakow) 
Podolski Lauffer Wahl (Galicia Krakow Tarnobrzeg)

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