Re: Tracking down death records in the US #usa

Diane Jacobs

Have you tried the following:

NYC , Nassau or Suffolk County Death Indexes

Good luck. 

Diane Jacobs 

On Aug 16, 2022, at 1:03 PM, DBarany <deborahbarany@...> wrote:

Hello Everyone,

I am stumped searching for my great Aunt's death records. I can not find her death date or location.
I have a listing from the social security application and claims records with her social security claim and number. (The last name is spelled wrong on the index but that might be an error on the part of the LDS family search people.)
I have an idea about the range of years she might have passed, sometime between 1934-1936.
I have an idea about where she might have died- The Pilgrim Psychiatric Hospital in Islip New York

No one in my family has a clue about when or where she is buried- they do have a lot of bube meises which I am working on debunking.

So many questions:
I thought about a FOIA for her social security application. Would that include the date of her death?
Is there a way to find a copy of the claim?
Is there a list of inmates who died at the hospital?
Is there a list of inmates buried on the grounds of the hospital?
Is it possible that there are records of her stay at the hospital?

With gratitude for your help,
Deborah Barany

Diane Jacobs, Somerset, New Jersey

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