Re: Need clarification about a bit of history from a family letter #general

angel kosfiszer

I have not looked up any documentation or literature but when I saw "Ishmaelite extraction" I realized that the writer, being a native of Holland, may have been talking about Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews. Ishmael, one of Abraham sons in the Bible, is associated in Judaism with Islam. Sephardic Jews lived in Islamic governed or with Islamic people, around the Mediterranean, specially after the Spanish/Portuguese expulsion around 1942. Many Sephardic people went to live in what is now Holland (famous Baruch Spinoza from Amsterdam was descendant of a Sephardic family) because they were not discriminated as much as in the Catholic countries of Europe. The writer was trying to make the distinction of the main branches of Judaism and was definitely of Ashkenazic extraction. Rivalry between the 2 Jewish main groups may have influenced his way of writing giving the impression that they were not "totally Jewish", like he was. Just a thought.

Angel Kosfiszer

Richardson, Texas

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