Re: help with Hebrew gravestone abbreviation – Het #translation

Lee Jaffe

Thanks for the suggested “chaver” which seems the most likely usage in this scenario.  I was able to find a helpful reference to its significance via a Google search:

Regulations of The Synagogue ‘Altneuschule’ In Prague In Their Historic Context” which I quote: 

In 18th Century Germany, there were two degrees of rabbinical ordination: the higher degree, using the title ‘moreinu’—our teacher or guide—given to scholars who devoted all their time to Torah study even after marriage and intended to serve the Rabbinate or as a Yeshiva teacher. The lower degree—chaver—was given to students before marriage who intended to take up a trade other than the Rabbinate.” (Gevaryahu & Sicherman 2010) 

Thank you.  --  Lee Jaffe



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